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The first ready-to-use cooking greens, helping to
make life simple, healthy and satisfying.

San Miguel is proud to offer a wide range of fresh nutrient-dense greens for everyone in the family to enjoy. More and more people are enjoying our products in their homes and in restaurants across the country everyday. Each bag of greens is triple washed and ready to eat. Check out our wide variety from Comfort Greens to Specialty Greens and Organic Greens. We also have Super Greens Salad series as well as convenient salad kits.

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Green Variety Texture / Flavor Profile Case Pack Shelf Life Available in Organic
Lacinato / Tuscan Kale Slightly more tender than its curly cousin 6 x 10 oz bags 17 days
Mustard Greens Slightly bitter greens with a cabbage or broccoli-like flavor. 6 x 12 oz. bags
6 x 2 lb. bags
17 days
Rainbow Chard Bright colorful veins with spinach-like leaves and a taste similar to beet greens and spinach 6 x 12 oz bags
6 x 2 lb. bags
17 days
Rainbow Kale A colorful blend of green, red and Tuscan kale 6 x 8 oz clamshell
6 x 1 lb tub
17 days
Turnip Greens Green earthy flavor with a mild peppery mustard kick 6 x 12 oz bags
8 x 1 lb bags
6 x 2 lbs bags
17 days