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You may have heard the terms “farm to table” or “farm to fork” recently. Here at San Miguel Produce we embody these terms in a unique way and are proud of our family owned farm and how we pamper the nutrient dense specialty greens we grow for you and your family.

At San Miguel Produce we employ modern methods of growing, cooling and food safety practices like other farms, but what sets us apart is the ownership we take all along the way. Let us explain.

It all starts in Ventura County California. This area is known for its rich soil and moderate temperatures. San Miguel has been a family farm here for the last three generations. The unique combination of rich soil, cooler temperatures and abundant sunshine make this the perfect place to grow all of our specialty greens. Our family has a rich history of farming in this area.

Our fields are located near our fresh-cut facility which helps keep the vegetables fresher. This is an important first step in ensuring that the greens you buy in the store maintain their field fresh taste and texture.

Our goal is to grow, harvest, and process the highest quality and safest greens possible using proven farming techniques in addition to state of the art food safety programs.