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About Us

San Miguel Produce, Inc.


Mission: From our farms to your family...San Miguel Produce is an innovative, sustainable family farm passionately focused on growing and processing quality, nutrient-dense greens. San Miguel Produce is a vertically integrated grower, fresh-cut processor and shipper specializing in dark leafy greens with brands: San Miguel Produce, Cut ‘N Clean Greens, and Jade Asian Greens. With our fresh-cut processing plant located near our fields, we harvest to order to ensure our valued customers get the very best farm-fresh greens...which is our definition of “Farm Fresh, Grower Direct.”

Vision: The Growing Standard of Greens. Our goal is to provide an easy solution for adding fresh and naturally nutritious greens for busy consumers to add to their diets more often by eliminating the long and arduous task of washing and cutting fresh greens. Since 1995, this vision has grown into a year-round focus of providing the nation with delicious and SUPER nutritious varieties of conventional and organic specialty greens. The greens category has been growing in popularity among consumers. People all over the U.S. and Canada are learning about the amazing nutrition and excellent taste of greens. Over the years, San Miguel Produce has grown to become the leader in specialty greens with the largest varieties of both conventional and organic in North America.

Our Growing Region: Ventura County, California. The rich soil and mild climate of the beautiful coastal Oxnard plains generate some of the freshest and healthiest produce in the country. The moderate coastal conditions provide an ideal year-round farming climate in this region for many crops to thrive, including our greens.

  • 1975
  • 1995
  • 1999
  • 2007
  • 2010
  • 2012
  • San Miguel Produce started by growing commodity produce like celery, broccoli and lettuce.

  • Cut ‘N Clean Greens was launched as the first washed and ready-to-use cooking greens.

  • San Miguel Produce shifted their focus 100% to specialty greens.

  • Cut ‘N Clean Greens launches their first full line of organic specialty greens.

  • Jade Asian Greens is launched as the first ready-to-use line of Asian greens.

  • SUPERGreens salads are launched as the first nutrient-dense ready-to-use salad greens.